Friday, August 6, 2010

P2 experiments

I don't claim to follow the exact protocol nor do I encourage other not to follow it to a T. However, after I finished one round I realize that I couldn't make it to my goal with the limited fool that Dr. S has in the mani. I'm sure there are some that are totally against making changes but to each his own. You do it your way and I will do it mine. I will say that no one should start experimenting with the protocol until they complete a full round.

There are a few things I’ve tried over my time on HCG…some work some don’t.

During my first round the only thing I tried were the Jay Robb shakes. Then DebHCG told me about Body Fortress protein at Wal-mart. It only has 3 carbs and the cookies n cream is the best flavor, about $16. I’ve mixed it with coffee and it is a great breakfast. I mentioned it on the HCG forum. Most people like it. I always lost whenever I had it.

I’ve tried coco delight or whatever you want to call it with coconut oil and chocolate powder. I didn’t lose/didn’t gain with it. I figured out very quickly my body will not tolerate coconut oil or MCT. Most people have tried MCT from vitacost to mix salad dressing. Some people do well with both.

I’ve broken stalls and satisfied fat cravings with Macadamia nuts. I can’t have too many or I will gain. I’ve also eat Cashews, pepitas (pumpkin seeds), sunflower seeds, and soy nuts on P2. I can eat a large amount of cashews but not any other nut. Whole almonds hate but almond milk loves me.

I’ve eat salads from the local bbq place on a regular. This means, I do mix veggies. The salad has green peppers, onion, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese (very little), of course lettuce, and smoked turkey. I use Maple Grove Farms SF Raspberry dressing or I use the dressing packets and only mix with vinegar and water.

For carbs I have added a few things with success. I eat oatmeal, fiber one and kashi cereal (low carb or almond milk), applesauce sweetened with splenda, 100 cal snack pack of chips, pretzels with peanut butter, pb & j on whole grain bread, SF jelly, whole grain eggo waffles (SF butter flavored syrup), light soups (diff brands), and that’s all I can think of. I noticed I can eat carbs if I eat the in mod and early in the day. However, if I eat a pb & j I swap it for a regular meal.

I’m thinking of everything that I’ve tried over the months. I’ve had beef jerky (look at the sugar content & make sure it’s not too high), KFC chicken (no skin & white meat w/o the biscuit string beans or salad as the side), SF red bull (drinking one now), land o lakes half and half, SF flavored syrup for coffee (have in all flavors), jennie-o turkey sausage and turkey patties (fresh ones not the frozen on P2), a few olives, reduced fat or no sugar added ice cream (breyers & skinny cow just a few Tablespoons), turkey bacon, eggs whites (carton), tuna in water, crabcakes (melba toast or 1 T of bread crumbs/almond flour, SF life water/powerade, FF margarine (can only find it at food lion)…might have to add to this later.

Oddly, I can’t eat cabbage or sauerkraut but I can eat brussel sprouts. SMH, figure that one out. I eat no salt added canned French cut string beans and spinach. I did add broccoli but I have to be careful b/c it play with my tummy if I eat too much, same with cauliflower. I rarely have a corn on the cob. I also eat the green giant and other veggie medley steamer packs (normally half the bag of the cauliflower, broccoli, carrot w/cheese flavor but they have a savory one that works), corn tortillas (not the flour ones), jar spaghetti sauce (just watch the sugar content), mushrooms, green peppers, sweet potatoes (w/cinnamon, splenda & the FF marg) and I think that’s it for the added veggies.

I’ve make fruit salad with cantaloupe, honeydew, grapes, and pineapple (only 2 pieces of each after & after working out). I can’t eat oranges.

I eat all meats that we are allowed. However, beef tends cause me to not gain/lose but I did have steak yesterday. I think it does it later in a cycle. I can’t mix beef & tomato for sure. I have tried bison and lost (taste just like steak), LF gwaltney no sugar added pork bacon, I rarely eat a rogerwood sausage (have to boil the heck out of it to get all the fat out I can), butterball turkey sausage, skinless salmon, baked bone it white meat chicken (skin remove before eating) and I think that’s it.

Oh, I’ve had wheat noodle once but I felt guilty afterward (still lost). I normally eat miracle noodles

Of course you all know I’m the queen of supplement. I also take adipex (code word mints or happy pills) and a diurectic. Oh, I do drink tea like nobody’s business (all flavors mixed w/yerba matte or oolong. Sometime I have issue with the chocolate yerb matte. I think I don’t tolerate chocolate while on P2). I do use all seasonings (including lawry’s which has a small amount of sugar).

I use all of my normal washes, soaps, hair products, lotions, make up (can’t live w/o my MAC), perfumes and body sprays, deo, pedicure products, etc.

Ok, I think I’m done but I’m sure I left something out. Please forgive for any typos but I’m not proofing this…took long enough to send it

That’s all the food I can think of right now. I may send out an amendment later or you can just ask me if I tried something.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 

Sunday, January 3, 2010

What a night!!!!

Well, I had eggs today and alittle P2 pound cake. It is official that I am allergic to eggs. My stomach swelled up and my weight within the hour spiked. Yes, I weigh myself during the day when I add something new. I want to see if my body is going to react with an increase on the scale.

Then to top it off, I got realllllly hungry. I dropped my dose to 175 and I wasn't hungry all day yesterday or today until after dinner. Yesterday was a bit better but tonight was so bad that I wanted to quit HCG and have real food. Instead, I had a handful of Macadamia Nuts. They normally help speed up my metabolism on P2 and cause me to lose after a stall. I picked them tonight b/c they are normally good for me but time will tell. We shall see what the scale says in the am in response to the nuts and eggs.

For right now I am just going to keep chugging along. I'm taking it one day at a time. However. I will go back to 200iu tomorrow. I think that will keep me from experiencing the same drama that I had tonight.

I said that I was going to do better with my blog from now on.

Back at HCG again...

Let me tell you a bit more about you before getting into my day yesterday. I started my journey on Nov 14. From that time until Dec 9th I lost 15.4 lbs. I started P3 on 12/13 but after two weeks of really having to think about what I ate, I returned to P2. I decided to start again and do 17 more shots to equal 40. However, after talking to friends on another forum that completed 60 day rounds and finding this site I have decided to cycle until I get to my goal weight. My goal was 145 until the other day. I have decided to get to 140 and that gives me 5lbs to play with and to stabilize. My daughter has asked that I go to 130-135 but I do not look right at that weight. I am shaped like a pear and for some reason when I get that low I look funny. I am hoping that I will have the same experience as the emaciated lady that Dr. S talked about in his manuscript. If that is the case then where my daughter wants me to go will look great but we shall see. I will cross that bridge when I get to it

Since returning to P2 I have made some modifications. I have added water packed tuna, miracle noodles, beef (I didn't eat it the first time), I changed my brand of protein shake to body fortress, added cottage cheese, and adding more recipes. I look forward to trying the recipes on this site. I am trying the pound cake today. What made me decide to use more recipes and add some things is the realization that I will be on this diet awhile and there is no way I can be that strict for so long. Now, on to yesterday. I have created a week meal plan that I will adjust as I go.

Yesterday, was my protein shake day. A friend of mine told me that she mixes a glass of coffee with a scoop of the Body Fortress protein powder. I tried it yesterday and it was delish. I used the cookies and cream flavor. I thought I was in heaven. I wish I could use it twice a week but I don't want to push my luck. I did it a protein sub and I didn't eat fruit. For dinner I had shrimp and homemade pickles. This morning the first time I weigh in I was down .8. I have a habit of weighing in twice in the am after I tinkle. I notice that I weight a little less after my second tinkle. However, starting tomorrow I will go back to just weighing after my first. I am adding walking back into my routine. I do expect to gain the first few days but I am mentally prepared if it happens. Anywho, after my second weigh in I was down 1.2 lbs. So, you can see why I normally weigh twice.

I am glad to see that I am having good results with the new protein powder. The last time around I used Jay Robb Whey protein that has less sugar (1gr instead of 4gr). The last few days I only lost .4 and .6. So, today was a great day for me. Today is egg day. I will let you know how that works tomorrow.

I almost forgot to give me actual menu for today.

B: eggs with homemade ketchup and a little hot sauce.

S: P2 Pound Cake with Strawberries

D: Tilapia and homemade pickles

S: Handful of Macadamia Nuts

I had 3L of water, 1L of oo-long tea, and a cup of smooth move tea