Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm coming back...

My back water arrived today and I will be loading this weekend I believe. If I don't it will be next Mon & Tues. I've been on atkins and fell off the wagon for a bit. I guess I got spoiled with the quick results of HCG. So, My plan it to do a short round for 21 days then P3 for 14 days and back to cycle until I get back where I was. 

I'm changing a few things this time around. I'm going to try the diet with more cals 600-700. I'm going to eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast and I'm using Lean Cuisines. I have tried breakfast before, 3 meals per day, and it worked for me. I have tried LC but I have to be carefule which ones I pick. I didn't eat them everyday but this time around I'm eating them at least once a day to make my life easier. The new ones don't have any preservatives. 

I think I mentioned in past blogs that I eat PB & J on whole grain bread and I pretzels. They work for me but not everyone. I'm essentially doing the diet I got from my dr to use with phentermine but I'm using it with HCG. We will see how it goes.