Sunday, May 29, 2011

Finally Done....Now What?

Well I have decided to end my journey with HCG. I am down to 143 and looking great. For some reason, the last time I was this weight I was a size 9/10. The funny thing is I recently gained the weight that I needed to take off. So, it's not like I was this weight 10 years ago. Heck, it was less than a year since my weight gain. Now, I am a comfy size 7/8 and a tight but breathable size 5/6. I have love stealing my 12 yr olds jeans and having her complain. It is normally the other way around. I luv how this is working out. Some people have asked what I eat and I say whatever I want. I didn't follow P3 correctly b/c I realized in my last few P3s, if I eat decent and exercise I wont' blow up. The only issue I had on this last one was a temp water weight gain of 10lbs. That was lost in two days with the help up my diuretic. I haven't done a steak day and for the first two weeks I didn't bother to get on the scale. It wasn't until a dr's visit that I decided to check out the scale. I am more focused on my measurements than the number on the scale.

This an old post that I found hanging out in my drafts. 

HCG Thought

I started a short lived HCG round in Jan. I had to stop b/c I had complications due to my medication and medical issues. This round was the first time I ever had any issues with my cycle or hormones. My Gyn pulled me off my last round and I can't say that I was too upset about it. The whole bleeding non stop made me want to give up after only a week. I was discouraged to say the least. However, I know that HCG does work and I'm considering another round. The issue is to make sure my body is ready and I don't have any complications. Right now, I'm on Atkins (off and on) but I've been spoiled by the quick losses of HCG. As you all know, I'm a rogue HCGer and I've tried some of everything while on the diet. I will keep everyone posted on what I decide.

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